Vocabulary for “Parlez-vous québecois?"


Because this newsletter is focused on Quebecois French, I’m only including those words and expressions unique to Quebec.

  • un québécois pure laine expression un peu comique pour dire un francophone né au Québec de parents francophones

  • on va les avoir les Anglais! — old expression dating back a long time ago. We’ll beat the English, referring to the war between England and France — still used as a joke today

  • ce qui me fait tripper what excites me

  • chequez regarder

  • m’as vous donner je vais vous donner

  • moé moi

  • en tabarnac the equivalent of f**cking angry, but a bit less vulgar

  • une histoire de maladea crazy story

  • pis et (de puis)

  • Tant qu’à y être while we’re at it, or why not

  • Un criss de bon film a f**cking good movie!

  • le français proprette de propre, c’est à dire poli, bien parlé

  • tsé tu sais

  • criss que j’me sus senti fake — je me suis

  • Un osti de posera f**cking poser

  • rien pantoute rien du tout

  • assis-toé — version québécoise de assieds-toi

  • en joual! — mot québécois pour décrire la langue québécoise

  • C’t’unc’est un

  • Ché pas je sais pas

  • En te cas déformation de en tout cas

  • tu-suite tout de suite

  • J’y ai ferméje lui ai fermé

  • dans’maison  dans la maison

  • j’me sus dit  je me suis dit

  • être sur son trente-six  être très bien habillé

  • ben élevépolite, having good manners

  • son cataloye  catalogue

  • que-qu’menutes quelques minutes

  • fingentil

  • ça (a) pas d’allure — it’s nonesense

  • Chus je suis

  • J’ai manqué venir folle I almost went crazy

  • su’a mienne sur la mienne

  • astheur maintenant (de: à cette heure)

  • pardre  perdre

  • c’est beau en estia lot

  • je sais pus c’qu’y’a ditce qu’il a dit

  • vous autres  often used instead of vous, eux, etc.

  • Écoute, toé — a way to tell a story

  • C’est de l’art, pas rien qu’à peu près c’est vraiment de l’art

  • je sais pus c’qu’y’a dit  je ne sais plus ce qu’il a dit

  • Pantoute  du tout

  • je trouve ça beau en tabouère  softer version of ciboire

  • Sont toutes beaux — tous is often replaced by toutes

  • j’ai l’air d’un criss de cavea f**cking retard

  • En te cas en tout cas

  • crisser des mots anglais — mettre

  • icitte ici

  • Pas un estifi de mot français — softer version of estie

  • Faque alors, donc

  • le monde, y s’est tanné — they got tired of it

  • une gang a group of people

  • Y connaissent e’rien ils ne connaissent rien, “e” is added for pronunciation

Translation of the excerpt from Les belles soeurs, by Michel Tremblay

The first time I saw him, I thought he was really ugly... He really isn't handsome, is he! When he opened the door, he took off his hat and said to me: "Would you be interested in buying some brushes from me, m’am? I shut the door in his face! I never let men in the house! You never know what might happen... Only the little boy from "La Presse” (a newspaper) I let in. The boy, he's still too young, he doesn't think about anything's wrong. A month later, my brush guy came back. It was an real snowstorm, so I let him in the gantry. When he got inside, I was scared, but I told myself he didn't look bad, but if he wasn't handsome... He's always dressed up, not a hair out of place... A real gentleman! And so well behaved! He sold me a couple of brushes and showed me his catalogue. I was interested in one, but he didn't have it with him, so he told me I could place an order. And he's been coming every month since. Sometimes, I don't buy anything. He just comes over when I need him. He's so nice! When he talks, you forget he's ugly! And he knows so many interesting things! Wow, he travels all over the province, that man! I think... I think I love him... I know it’s nonsense, I only see him once a month, but we're so good together! I'm so happy when he's around! It's the first time it's ever happened to me! It's the first time! Men have never looked after me before. I've always been a lonely girl. He tells me about his travels, tells me stories... Sometimes they're pretty dirty, but they're so funny! And I must say, I've always liked stories that are a bit salty... I think it's good to tell dirty stories, sometimes... Ah! not all his stories are dirty, ah! no, there are some decent ones! He's been telling me dirty stories for a while now... Sometimes they're so dirty I blush. The last time he came over, he held my hand because I'd blushed. I almost went crazy! It turned me upside down to feel his big hand on mine! I need him, astheur! I don't want him to go away forever... Sometimes I dream... that we're married. I need him to come and see me! He's the first man to take care of me! I don't want to lose him!

Michel Tremblay